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Bill Cosby: Conservative? Liberal?
Or Someone Who Cares?

After reading the title of an article posted 9-24-2009 on entitled, "Bill Cosby's Coming Out as a Conservative?" I thought, "How pathetic!" Why would anyone need to label Dr. Bill Cosby's efforts to raise the social consciousness of the African-American community regarding its children as "conservative"? Why does it have to be labeled at all? Which is more important, the good that can come from Dr. Cosby's efforts to help African-American youth become more responsible individuals or the silliness of trying to identify Bill Cosby as a conservative (or liberal)?

Labeling someone as a liberal or a conservative does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to bring about improvement in American society relative to ANYTHING. All it does is help political commentators make more money.

After reading the full article, I did discover one reason for the question in the title was that Dr. Cosby had teamed with a "conservative" organization for a live event that aired on MSNBC. However, what the author of the article did not point out is that many "conservatives" consider MSNBC to be a political tool of "liberals". So, if the author's line of reasoning is to be followed, then the truth is that Dr. Cosby teamed with both a conservative organization and a liberal organization to address an issue that he cares about very deeply.

Relative to the question of whether or not Dr. Cosby is a "conservative", "liberal", "progressive", "independent" or any other convoluted label dreamed up by political operatives, WHO CARES??? What is important is that Dr. Cosby, in his own way, is joining forces with WHOEVER he can work with to get out a much needed message to youth and parents in the African-American community. For his efforts, I say to Dr. Cosby, THANK-YOU FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING!!!!!!!!!!! To use an old cliché`, if you only reach one individual or one family, it was worth it. However, I am confident that your efforts will have far greater results that will make a huge difference in the African-American community.

As far as the question posed by the article's title, "Bill Cosby's Coming Out as a Conservative?" I have my own label for both the title and the entire article. That label is "REPROBATE".

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