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Jordin Sparks Stands Up for Purity - You Go Girl

At the 2008 Video Music Awards show, after a British commedian who was hosting the show crudely insulted the Jonas Brothers for their commitment to purity, evidenced by wearing purity rings, Jordin Sparks stated in her own way that not everyone agreed with the sentiments expressed by the rude British commedian.

By standing up for purity in the form of a verbal rebuke of the British commedian, Jordin demonstrated that she is a TRUE American Idol for more reasons than just her singing voice. This American is proud of Jordan Sparks' courage to openly rebuke the sarcastic nonsense of the older British commedian who sought to use humor to impose his immoral views upon young American entertainers. Jordin's courageous stand is encouraging to this American who has from time to time wondered about the future of American society in the hands of today's youth. With outstanding young Americans like Jordin Sparks around, in the future, American society will be in good hands.

Jordin Sparks, you rock!

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