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The thoughts and views of an African-American...


"Preach the Word. Preach the Word. Preach the Word...if I never ever see you anymore. Preach the Word. Preach the Word. Preach the Word...I'll meet you on that other shore!"

"Behold the proud, His soul is not upright in him; But the just shall live by his faith." Habakkuk 2:4 NKJV


Change comes by the foolishness of preaching

Public Schools

Christians Should Not Abandon Public Schools


Is the prosperity message prophetic

Faith vs. False God

Political Redistribution of Wealth is a Sin

Faith vs. Flesh

Politically Correct or Biblically Correct?

Faith vs. Fear

The Church has the Power to Stop Terrorist Attacks

Faith vs. Fraud

The Discovery of Jesus of Nazareth's Bones is a Fraud

The Law vs Faith

What the Law could not do, God did

Faith and Freedom

Losing Freedoms in America? Don't Talk the Problem. Talk the Answer!

God, Faith and Politics

Does God favor one political party over another?

In Faith...

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