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American Idol Live (Idol 3) Concert in Atlanta

The Atlanta concert was the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantasia was great! were the other finalists. The turnout was the largest since the tour began. The crowd was there for Diana...but really cheered for Fantasia. Two persons in the row behind me screamed when Fantasia did what only she does on Summertime.

Fantasia was so elated over the turnout that she "felt like boboing"...which she really did on her second solo, Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Joy bells were ringing in her heart...and it showed.

Her performance of Purple Rain was awsome...and as for I Believe...well what can I say...Fantasia made believers out of the crowd!

The rest of the show was great too. The other finalist were in fine form and very appreciative of the crowd turnout. George Huff "did his thing" on Not to Proud to Beg...LaToya was great....Jennifer was great...Diana too. Fantasia's duet with John Stevens contained a dance....It was delightful! The harmony in the group's voices was fantastic...just right. Fantasia, LaToya and Jennifer, the three divas, sang backup for JPL on Hey Ya. His Eye is On the Sparrow is the group Gospel number just before the finale...It was beautiful.

Fantasia has been nice to all the other Idol finalists, and I do believe she is appreciated for her character as well as for her talent. Ronald Ho of the Atlanta Journal and Constitution stated in Monday's paper, "Ultimately, Fantasia...proved why she could anchor her own show, minus the other nine. She turned Philips into her own personal gospel church. Whether she was crooning her signature 'Summertime', emoting through 'Purple Rain' or revving the audience through 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours', Fantasia mesmerized." I agree.

I recommed the show to everybody. We need more of that type of entertainment -- good, clean and wholesome. The tour this year has not done as well as other years. So it really means a lot to Fantasia and the other finalists when the fans turn out.

(Originally published August 21, 2004.)

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