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The Entertainment Industry Can Play a Role in Promoting Energy Efficiency

The entertainment industry can play a major role in moving the United States toward energy efficiency and away from dependence on foreign oil. By producing public service announcements (PSAs) that educate the general public on inexpensive ways to make their homes and businesses more energy efficient, the US citizens can be moved to drastically reduce energy consumption and dependence on foreign oil. Implementation of budget friendly energy consumption reduction practices would be better than throwing the country into further economic chaos by placing a tax on electricity that results in higher monthly utility bills.

Just as the film industry uses trailers to inform moviegoers about upcoming movies, motion picture trailers could also be used to inform the general public on practices that reduce monthly utility bills and conserve energy. Film industry professionals and/or companies could receive a tax deduction to offset the cost of producing such PSAs. Actors and performers who participate in the production of such PSAs could also receive a tax credit for providing their time and service. Film schools and acting schools could also contribute to producing national energy efficiency. Film school students and acting school students who participate in the production of energy efficiency PSAs could receive credit toward their diploma's and certificates.

After the energy efficiency PSA trailers are produced, movie theaters all across the United States could run them during their regular movie previews. It has been said that the key to advertising is repetition. Running a PSA for a specified number of weeks or months is a good way to insure that the general public becomes thoroughly informed by a PSA. To offset any loss of revenue incurred by theater owners, they could also be given a tax credit for each PSA they run.

One of the nicest parts of this approach to producing an energy efficient country that is less dependent on foreign oil is that no payout of taxpayer money would be required to implement this idea (except for the cost of including the tax credits in the tax code). This approach uses the talent, creativity and resources within the entertainment industry in a way that will not only produce the desired result, but also provide unique career and job opportunities.

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