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Politics and Entertainment - Joined at the Bank

There is an old saying that goes, "politics makes strange bedfellows". To this voter, politics and political endorsements by entertainment celebrities used to be "strange bedfellows", until the thought of overseas entertainment markets came to mind. How much of the political endorsements and commentary from the entertainment industry is driven by the prospects of pleasing people overseas who buy the goods and services of the entertainment industry (i.e. buy music CDs and DVDs, go to concerts, buy movie tickets and attend motion picture premiers, etc.)?

Entertainers and celebrities who travel to other countries probably get an earful of complaints about the policies and positions of the government of the United States. When an administration of the United States government is not popular overseas, celebrities and entertainers may have harsh views and opinions of that administration. Those views and opinions may be driven by an attempt to please people outside of the United States who buy their products.

This voter does not care about the opinions of persons outside of the United States about the candidates who are running for office. This voter only cares about voting for the person who will, in this voter's opinion, do what is in the best interest of the United States of America as a whole and not necessarily in the best interest of the entertainment industry. Therefore, to this voter, political endorsements by entertainers and Hollywood celebrities are worthless. In fact, it is very presumptuous to think that just because an individual enjoys someone's music, movie, concert or other means of entertainment, that the same individual is also interested in that entertainer's political views. Everyone has the right to their political opinions and choice of candidate to vote for, including entertainers and Hollywood celebrities. This voter certainly has not been shy about expressing political opinions (that no one else may be interested in). However, when considering who to vote for in any national election, the views and opinions of entertainers and Hollywood celebrities have absolutely no effect on this voter.

Concerning the opinions of people overseas, this voter has no concern about what people of other countries think about candidates running for office in the United States. This voter reserves the right to make a decision about a candidate based on personal views and philosophies. That individual right is backed up by the Constitution of the United States and is called FREEDOM.

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