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The Abuse of Faith in the Political Arena

On Sunday, September 07, 2008, CNN reported that a Democratic Party political strategy to be used in the Fall 2008 Presidential campaign is the use of the word, faith. The report said the word faith motivates focus groups, therefore the word will be used in campaign advertisement and rhetoric. Examples given concerning such use of the word faith had absolutely no biblical connections. It was just an attention getter. Unfortunately, this is another example of the lack of respect political strategists have for the American voting public.

In another report (on Fox News?), it was stated that members of the media are elitists who "look down their noses" on the American people, thinking that they (the media) are more intelligent than the average voter. This is certainly evident by the comments coming from members of the media and political pundits on 24-hour news networks. Any voter, regardless of political affiliation, orientation or leaning, is sure to have his or her intelligence insulted at some point. It appears that reporters and political operatives alike say things to and in front of American voters, thinking that voters have long forgotten information reported and incidents that happened long ago.

Case in point: In the 2004 Presidential Election, there was much speculation on whether or not John Kerry would ask John McCain to be his running mate. The speculation was so strong that John McCain had to publicly say once and for all that if asked, he would not be John Kerry's running mate. Now the Democrats are stating that John McCain is another version of George W. Bush. In the 2004 election, the Democrats unsuccessfully ran their campaign on the premise of "Bush-bashing", with the speculation of having John McCain on the ticket. Why was there even a thought to have this "George W. Bush clone" on a Democratic ticket while running a campaign based on "Bush-bashing"? No wonder the Democrats lost the race in 2004! Evidently the Democrats think that "the unintelligent voters" have forgotten about that. Wrong on both counts!

Concerning the use of the word faith, people of faith understand what it really means to have faith. Casually throwing around the word will not fool real people of faith. This is just another instance of showing contempt for the intelligence of American voters.

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