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Celebrity Apprentice: Lisa Rinna vs. Star Jones!

Last night’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice (March 13, 2011) gave me new insights into the world of “celebrity”. By observing the actions of the members of team ASAP, I learned that there are huge differences between the thought processes of persons who think like a “celebrity” and persons who are “task oriented”. In particular, I learned this by observing Lisa Rinna and Star Jones.

First, let me say, I have no criticism for either of those women. I admire both ladies for different reasons. What I am about to write here, is what I learned from observing both ladies as ASAP team leaders and team members.

After observing Star Jones as a team leader on last week’s episode (March 6, 2011) and as a team member on last night’s episode, I have concluded that Star (a trained lawyer and former prosecutor) thinks like a task oriented person. She considers an assignment in terms of what has to be done to reach the goal and what is the best way to proceed in order to accomplish this. Lisa Rinna seems to think like a celebrity. That is not a criticism of Lisa. She IS a celebrity. Celebrities usually have a “team” of people (i.e. agent, publicist, attorney, etc…) who work with (or for) them toward the goal of “making the celebrity successful”. The goal is always the success of the celebrity. The celebrity is not necessarily bothered with the “details” of how the success of the team will be achieved. The celebrity’s team members take care of that. (Nor do celebrity support team members care about credit for what they do.)

Celebrity Apprentice, by nature of the game, levels the playing field among the celebrity participants. The game removes the “support team” concept and makes each contestant “do the work” of what they often hire people to do. A person who thinks like a celebrity instead of thinking as a task oriented person will most likely have a hard time in that environment. I believe this is what happened to Lisa Rinna last night.

Based on Lisa’s comments, particularly when she was frustrated, I believe she saw her ASAP team members as failing to be the “celebrity type support team” that she is probably used to. That is why she kept saying things like, “they are not supporting me” and “they threw me under the bus”. In her mind, the success of the team leader should have been the goal of the ASAP team members. If the leader was successful, they would win.

Star Jones looked at what had to be done concerning the assigned task. She also spoke up when she observed Lisa not moving the team in a manner that centered around the task. Leaving things up to Star was not acceptable. Star did not see herself as a “support team member whose goal was the success of the celebrity”. That made for conflict between Lisa and Star. The same was true in last week’s episode. Star was ASAP team leader, thought out the plan, made assignments and expected those assignments to be carried out. Lisa felt like Star was “ordering her around” and second guessed Star’s decisions. Lisa was thinking like a celebrity. Who orders celebrities around?

I wish team ASAP had won the game last night. My three favorite ASAP team members ended up in the boardroom (Lisa, Star, and Dionne Warwick). I did not want to see any one of them leave the game. So who lost? I did. Lisa was fired. The same would have been true if Star or Dionne had been fired.

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