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America Stands 2014

America's Right to Vote is Under Attack

In the United States of America, the right of citizens to vote is under attack. This attack is clearly evident in the 2008 Presidential Race. The attack on the right to vote is not limited to one political party. Both political parties in the United States show signs of an attack on the right of citizens to exercise a right given by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Concerning Republicans, the attack on the right to vote is seen through efforts by the media and political pundits to force Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to quit the race for the Republican Party Nomination before voters in all states have had an opportunity to vote or before a Republican Presidential candidate has received the required number of delegates to obtain the Republican Nomination. Members of the media and political pundits disregard the rights of US citizens to exercise their freedom of expression through voting in the name of doing what is in the interest of the Republican Political Party. Concerning the Democrats, the Democratic National Committee has refused to count the votes in the states of Florida and Michigan because those states, for whatever reason, moved forward the date of its Primary election.

I believe political parties should exist to serve the needs of citizens. Citizens should not be coerced into serving the needs of political parties. The rights and freedoms of citizens trump the needs of ANY political parties. Patience is a virtue. The media and political pundits should be patient and allow democracy to work. Candidates running for office should disregard the media and political pundits in favor of their own convictions and the voice of their respective supporters. Citizens of states whose right to vote is being denied and/or abridged should enforce their rights as given and protected under the Constitution of the United States of America. This IS America. Let FREEDOM ring!

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